Berlage Sessions
Kersten Geers on KANAL—Centre Pompidou
Urtzi Grau on Guggenheim Helsinki

The Berlage Sessions is a thematic seven-part seminar series focusing on scholarly research and critical approaches to the history and theory of architecture and urban design. This semester’s theme, “Building Competitions,” will examine the histories, politics, policies, and processes of canonical architectural competitions, from the Chicago Tribune Tower, the Paris Opera House, the Palace of the League of Nations, the Canberra Plan and Parliament, and Parc de la Villette, to most recently KANAL—Centre Pompidou and Guggenheim Helsinki. Contributors include George Baird, Tim Benton, Urtzi Grau, Kersten Geers, Christopher Curtis Mead, Katherine Solomonson, and David T. van Zanten.


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