Project Global: Power
Tutors: Filip Geerts and Sanne van den Breemer

The semester-long design-research project is exploring energy—the power required for metropolitan metabolism—from a technocratic vantage point. Students are dealing with a pair of cities: Paris and Tokyo. The former serves as a European “model" metropolis that is introduced to serve as an index for investigation, and the latter as a a global metropolis that becomes the situation to both interrogate the model in the form of an atlas and the context for the project. In particular, the students are looking at energy systems and their related objects, from sites of generation and spaces of consumption, to distribution networks and control rooms, to examine how the planning and implementation of energy projects shape cities and landscapes.


Alessandra Ponte is Professor of Architecture at the École d’architecture at the Université de Montreal. She has also taught at Princeton University, Cornell University, Pratt Institute, the ETH Zurich, and at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. She curated the exhibition “Total Environment: Montreal 1965–1975” at the CCA and collaborated to the exhibition and catalogue “God & Co: François Dallegret Beyond the Bubble” at the GTA/ETH. She  is the author of The House of Light and Entropy, a collection of essays on North American landscapes.

Reijiro Sawaki is a Tokyo-based architect.

Arjan Schoneveld is a Netherlands-born architect living in Tokyo.

Esther Vandamme is a Belgian architect currently living in Tokyo and a graduate of the Berlage.